Monday, May 7, 2012

During the last four months...

Oh dear... So much has gone on in these last few months that it almost seems overwhelming to post anything. But after reading this quote, I know that as I write and record more regularly, relationships will grow and inspiration on what I will write about will come. Right?... Right.

So for a little update:
1. We are MOVING to Colorado after graduation in July! SO if you know anybody in the area that knows anything about the area, we LOVE to hear it. I'm a little nervous to leave my comfort zone here in Rexburg.
Sunday Drives have become one of our FAVORITE things to do. Here are a couples of pictures from last Sunday's Drive to a little swimming hole about 30 minutes out of town. One of Eli's new obsessions: Rocks!

2. We BOTH graduate with BACHELOR'S degrees JULY 21. The other day a girl at work asked me if it has been hard having a baby and going to school. Looking back it has been really tough! I feel that I was given the strength and motivation to continue on... and our schedules have really worked out. We have been so lucky!
3. Eli is 100% BOY! He is obsessed with cars, books, bikes, planes, and TRAINS! Yesterday was his 20 mo. birthday. During the last few weeks we have been working on the Alphabet with him, and we keep saying we need to get a video of it. Maybe it will make it here. :) Last week was his first week in Toddler Lab on campus and he has LOVED it. It's only 2 times a week, for an hour and fifteen minutes each day. They play, sing songs, read books, have snacks, and play. My favorite part? The observation booth!
The other day I had one of my friend's over, and when Eli and Juliet became quiet, I had to check on them. This is what I found them doing... Reading in Eli's "Prayer Chair".I'm sure this is completely normal at the this age, but Eli has become extremely attached to his blanket("ni-ni" or "bain-keck") and wants to take them EVERYWHERE.
I'd like to think that I'm not the only one who thinks adult-like mannerisms are cute when modeled by little toddlers.(notice the arms and legs... oh, I melt! I love love LOVE him)
Eli likes to say gross, which sounds more like "goes" when he touches my toes, but he's all about eating his own!
When we were down in Utah over break in April, Eli inherited this little treasure from his cousin Keaton and he loves it... which comes as no surprise since his mom and dad LOVE going on bike rides with him.
And a little look into the next few months:
I'm done with my LAST block class in JUNE!
We have a family reunion(eee!) then graduate in JULY!
We'll be in Colorado in AUGUST!
Eli will become a brother at end of SEPTEMBER!


  1. juliet became obsessed with her blanket around that age too. so did carter. so it must be an age thing!

  2. So excited for all the great things coming in the future :)

  3. ummm soo does this mean you know what eli will be a brother to?!!!!

  4. Not yet! We find out next Wednesday!I broke...I figured if I was doing a post it would be silly to leave it out!

  5. Congrats on EVERYTHING!!!! Miss seeing you guys around Broulims! And Eli is adorable! If you are having girl, dont forget how cute Eli and Avery sound together! :)

  6. So I thought id check up on you, and I just had this feeling you were pregnant :) so happy for you, so many exciting things coming your way! Itll be fun to leave rexburg, I got peeled away from my comfort zone all the way to wisconsin haha good luck girl!

  7. I didn't know you were expecting! Congratulations! You are such an amazing mom, this new baby will be so blessed to have you. P,S, you make gorgeous babes becuase Eli is so stinking cute!!!!

  8. So happy for you--it is definitely tough to go school with a kiddo, congrats on making it!