Sunday, March 15, 2009

Her Story

I will try my best to remember everything accurately and truthfully. It will be interesting to hear what Craig’s has to say and how they compare…
Important dates:

May 18, 2008 -I was wearing my new blue dress to church that Sunday. I sat down with Becca Mele, minding my own business when two boys sat on the other side of Becca. Becca started to talk to them, while I introduced myself to the kids that sat next to me. I looked over and saw the boys that were talking to Becca. I smiled, and after a brief introduction, the meeting began.
After the meeting, during the “linger longer,” Becca and I went outside, got our food, then sat down. We started talking, when the boys who were sitting by us came and sat down across from us. Conversation came easy during the 30 minutes that we talked and when the meal was winding down, some of the boys pulled out their phones to get out numbers … and at that time Craig conveniently pulled out his phone at the same time and snagged my number. Haha.

On our way to the car, Becca just simply said, “Kim, he was into you.” I had to think for a second so the information would register because nothing really stood out to me. “He got your number. Just your number. He didn’t bother getting mine like the other guys did, aaaaaand He was looking at you the whole time.” I honestly hadn’t really seen it coming…but to play it safe, and let him know that I could potentially be interested, I texted him later that night about an answer to a question that we had talked about. After texting for a good 2 minutes, he called due to frustration with technology and his lack of ability in the texting department, then asked me out on a date

May 24, 2009 (?)- The first time we hung out… he picked me up around 10, because I had been in Napa that weekend, and didn’t get back until 8ish. We went to a parking lot and he taught me how to drive stick. The whole time I thought he was trying to hold my hand, but he denies it. We went bowling after that. I won.

May sometime: I can’t remember the exact date, but this was when our first official date was. He made dinner—BBQ chicken, broccoli, French bread and watermelon—along with come of his work friends. We played board games, hula-hopped, and played a little bit of horse on the bball court. Haha…
June 1, 2009- Before he left to go to Chicago with his family for ten days, we decided to become “official.”

September 2, 2009-I met his family! Most embarrassing experience I have ever endured when I met his dad. The first impression that I made… we were kissing! I was so nervous to even stay with his family, because I didn’t know where our relationship was going to go at that point and for them to catch us kissing! My goodness…It was bad, but they were very kind and understanding to say the least.

December 26, 2008- He came to California for Christmas…well the day after Christmas because the weather in Idaho was so bad, he had to come a day late. I cried. And cried. He made is to California 24 hours late, but it was so good to see him, I didn’t care a single bit.

December 27, 2008- On the Golden Gate Bridge after a wonderful day spent in San Francisco, he proposed! It was the cutest thing ever—he was super nervous, despite talking about marriage for a solid 3 months before. He was shaking so bad that when it came time to actually put the ring on my finger, I had to say “wrong hand, wrong hand” he switched hands, and again I had to say “wrong finger, wrong finger.” My goodness, it was the cutest thing ever. I love him.
Important events/ memorable dates: (I had to cheat and look in my journal for these so I could get the initial thoughts that I had about each one)

First kiss- I can’t, for the life of me remember when it was in the sequence of our relationship? But it was sooner than either of us would like to admit…

Breakfasts at my house: After biking to my house, we had a luxurious meal of French toast without syrup and homemade lemonade

Dinner at his: Nearly every Sunday his cousin would make us dinner and for hours I would watch Craig play with his cousin's kids Hayden and Caroline. He is so cute when he plays with those little girls.
Nightly Walks… Lots of them. They are my favorite because they really give me time to find out what’s going on his in life, what makes him the guy he is today and what his hopes are for the future(not necessarily between him and I, but what he wants for himself and his future family, regardless of if it’s with me.) One of my Favorites happened when we had walked to McDonalds to get ice cream cones and the dining room was closed. The manager told us that we’d have to go through the drive through if we wanted anything…so we got ourselves some ice cream cones.(written on August 18, 08)

Double dates with Kreg and AnnaI remember one night we went putt putting at Funworks and if I remember correctly… I think Craig and I beat them.

Campfires… he came over on a Sunday and roasted marshmallows with my family and me. I love seeing him interact with my family.. he really is a nice guy. Haha I remember after the fire, we were sitting out by the pool…and we started kissing… then what do I see out of the corner of my eye? The House light? Yep! And who’s inside looking out? Mother? Yep! Ohhh my, I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life, but I couldn’t help but laugh and PRAY that she didn’t actually see us. (written on August 17, 2008)

Giants baseball game in San Francisco: (He requested that this story be included…word for word)After my family reunion, he picked me up in Napa, and then we drove to San Francisco. I remember mentioning in the car how expensive parking was and how to avoid such unnecessary costs…park in a farther away garage then take the Bart or Muni in. so as we entered San Francisco, I started to direct him around, thinking we’d find a garage on Market street. I remember he turned sooner… MUCH sooner. I believe it was Polk or Bush. Hah, yeah it was Polk and Bush. The FIRST garage that he saw he turned into, and when I say first, I mean FIRST. I started laughing because I thought he was joking but he wanted to prove that he could in fact find a garage on the street he chose to turn on. So… we walked. And walked. And walked. I felt like a pioneer. As we were walking down the street all I could think was “Oh myyy what have I gotten myself into. This is a verrry interesting side of town that I haven’t seen before.” I’m happy to say that I did make it out alive, even if creepo homeless men kept talking to me and looking at me like I was a piece of meat. Ew, gross. I get the heebie-jeebies every time I think about it. Once we actually got to the stadium, everything was good again. I got over the trek and decided to grin and bare it. The same was good… even if we lost… LAAAAAME that we gave away a game thanks to a pitcher who blew the game. (also written on the 18th of August)

So much has happened in such a “short” amount of time, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love Craig Michael Fisher and the person that he is. and the person that I am when I’m with him.

His Story

Looking into the summer of 2008 my mind was full of a lot of uncertainties, but one thing was for sure: I felt good about moving to California to work for my cousin. I had no idea why it was where I was supposed to be, but it felt right, so my older brother, Spencer, and I packed up our things and headed west towards sunny California. I fell in love with the countryside of the central California right away. I knew, then, that this was going to be a great summer.
That first Sunday Spencer and I headed to the Fine Road Chapel in Modesto to attend singles ward. I remember walking into the chapel without a clue where to sit. I didn’t know anybody, but with some hesitation I sat down. I introduced myself to the girl next to me; her name was Becca Mele. She was friendly, and made me feel at home. Becca quickly introduced me to the girl next to her. I looked over and our eyes met for a brief second. I said, “Hi, my name is Craig.” She replied quickly, “Hey, I’m Kimi.” Then Sacrament meeting started and our conversation ended. Within thirty seconds I took another glance; that was followed shortly by a third, and a forth glance. There was something special about this Kimi girl.

The singles ward put on a dinner following church. Once again I had no clue where to sit, but to my surprise I vacant spot was available right across from Becca, and Kimi. I now, have no doubt a guiding hand led me to sit across from them. We ate, laughed, and then Kimi and I exchanged phone numbers. Kimi and I talked on the phone that night, then the next night, and the next and well, we’ve been talking ever since.

Looking back, now ten months later from when we met, I can’t help but smile in gratitude towards a loving Heavenly Father, who took the time to guide the lives of Kimi, and me, in paths that would one day cross. I love Kimberly Anne Wagner so, so very much. My love for her grows each and everyday. She really brightens up my life and I am truly happy being with her. The past ten months have been full of laughs, lots of fun, some struggles, and an awesome beginning to eternity.

Halloween 2008: We had such an incredible time dressing up as an old couple, ha! I will never forget hearing Kimi say, “Ohhh dear, I’ll be down in jus’ a sec, honey”, as she slowly made her way downstairs. She really looked like a cute old, little lady. I really loved grossing people out at the school dance as when we gave each other a kiss. Hahaha. I really enjoyed slow dancing with Kimi…on every song. It was fun to pretend to be old, and it was a good sneak peak of things to come.