Monday, May 14, 2012

2 minutes in the life...

I wanted to get a picture of Eli lining up his cars to make a "Choo choo train" out of his trucks and cars because this is something that he will do for HOURS. Of course the once the camera is out he's all over the place.Keep in mind that these were all taken in 2 minutes time...
 (maybe this is evidence that we need to pull out the camera more often so that he doesn't feel the need to come up and press all the buttons?)
 (He is actually throwing the cars one by one off the TV stand)

 ...then building a choo-choo with the cars lined up upside-down.
...then finishing his line of cars on the stand. He really is a busy body!
This is the conversation that Eli and I had over dinner:
Me: "Eli, what should we name our baby?"
Eli: "Ummm baaybay"
Me: "No, what should we name the baby?"
Eli: "Meat!"
Maybe we shouldn't talk baby names over dinner...

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