Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tell me I'm not alone...

..and that I'm not the only mom who sees this(after a short moment of silence...):

Hair ties, bows, bobby pins, make up brushes and makeup.
All because I was finishing a homework assignment...


  1. oh no! looks like your afternoon was full of fun too!

  2. oh the joys of motherhood.... ;) hang in there!!

  3. Oh Kimmi -- now you will have lots of stories to tell Eli when he grows up and his children do something ummmmm not so fun!! Remember that Aunt Cathy loves you!!

  4. Kaylie hasn't done this yet... but I do know how you feel about the long silence. It means, Mmmm... what is Kaylie into now? Ha ha! Hope you are doing well! We miss you guys!