Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Meyer Ranch Park
Saturday, May 25, 2013
 We spent Saturday morning at Meyer Ranch Park near Conifer, Colorado.  It was wonderful to get up into the beautiful mountains and enjoy nature.  The park was only a 20 minute drive from our home.  It is nice to be so close to such a park. 
 Eli loves to be in the outdoors.  He enjoys hiking, well the downhill parts, throwing rocks, collecting rocks and sticks, and getting a turn in the backpack on the uphill parts. 
 We love our boys!
 When we reached the top of the trail we enjoyed a picnic.  Here is Owen enjoying a cracker.
Eli was pretty excited to find a tree his size.

When Eli took a turn in the backpack we put Owen in the baby carrier. I am not sure Owen really liked it, though.
There's a happy boy, and my beautiful wife.
Hiking can be hard work.

Mount Falcon
Monday, May 27, 2013

 On Monday we went out on a another hike to Mount Falcon with the Baumgarten family.  It was fun to hike with Dan, Stacy, David, and Erin, and we are grateful that they didn't mind hiking at Eli's pace. 
Dan is training to be a grandpa this fall (congratulations to Brain and Elsa!).  It has been fun to watch Dan and Stacy with our kids.  They're going to make awesome grandparents.
 We hiked to a couple of different 'castle' ruins. The first one is the foundation of a historic mansion that burned to the ground and the second was a foundation that was supposed to be for a presidential summer house for the US Presidents.  The summer home was never built, just part of the foundation was laid.  It was supposed to be modeled after a European castle.  It would be cool if it could have been completed.  The view from the presidents summer house was spectacular.  In one direction you could see mountains all the way to Mount Evans, and in the other direction you could see the city and the plains stretching out to the horizon.  The pictures don't really do it justice. We enjoyed the view, had a snack and headed home.

Life Recently

April-May 2013
We unfortunately had some camera trouble and lost a month or so worth of pictures.  Uncle Mark kindly loaned us his camera, so not too much time has elapsed without some pictures to show.  Thanks Mark!

A little update on our little, actually big baby Owen!  Owen has changed a lot in recent weeks and he is getting so big.  He is now sitting up, crawling (well mostly army crawling), going from crawling to sitting, and very curious about the world around him.  Owen always wants to be playing with something, especially with whatever Eli is playing with.  Eli is learning to share, but it isn't his favorite thing to do.  Owen doesn't like to sit still, and as you can see he has picked up reading!

Isn't he cute? We sure think the world of him and we are happy he is here. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

March 2013

In the last three months, lots has happened! I (Craig) finished my second semester of grad school and am now halfway finished with my master's degree.  Yahoo!  We went to Utah for a family vacation during my spring break and were able to participate in two baby blessings.  Owen got bigger, as did Eli, and Kimberly has been loving life and the nice weather with her three boys. Now for a little peek of what we've been up to...
 March 2013
 Eli sliding down the stairs. Who needs to go outside in the snow when you've got a cardboard box(thanks to a brand-spankin' new road bike) and stairs?

Kimi, Eli, and Owen March 12, 2013.  Kimi has been such a wonderful, hard working mama staying home with our boys during the last two semesters as I have been at school full-time, and working part-time with the city of Littleton.  She amazes me with her patience and caring way of teaching our boys day in and day out while I am away. Eli and Owen are lucky to have her! Owen is nearly six months old here and he is really staring to become mobile as he is rolling around exploring the world around him.  Eli just turned 2 and half.  It is really cute to hear him say, "I'm two and a half!" 

Utah Vacation, Spring Break 2013

 Coloring eggs with Keaton and Codan and Grandma and Grandpa Fisher's house

 Eli hitting the jackpot with a monster egg!

 Reagan's blessing, attempting to get a picture of all five Fisher grandchildren.

 Carrie, Kimi, Grandma Fisher, Paige, and Owen roasting mallows for family home evening.

 Checking out the FrontRunner commuter rail from Provo to Salt Lake City.  We were impressed with the large, clean, comfortable trains.  Of course the boys had a blast too!  Eli loves trains.
 Eli jamming with Uncle Spencer and Aunt Ashley in Orem.  We had a wonderful time vising the Fisher family.  Reagan's blessing was beautiful. Reagan is a a handsome little man, and Keaton is a great big brother.  We spent the first half of our week with my parents and my family, then on Thursday we went up to Sandy to stay with Kreg and Anna to spend the rest of the week with Kimi's family.

 On the ferris wheel at Scheel's. Eli really thought it was the greatest thing, and still talks about it when he's watching his alphabet show where there is a ferris wheel: "Remember when I went on the chair with Ceci-wee(Cecily), and Aw-ber(Oliver) and dad?!").
 Kimi meeting sweet baby Cora for the first time.She was so cute and so tiny!
 Owen getting in some quality cousin time with Cora. They are only a few months apart in age, but our big boy looks HUGE compared to petite Cora!

 All five Wagner grandchildren!

Easter round 2 for Eli, this time with Cecily and Oli.