Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Little Buddy

This fall semester has been a busy one for Kimi.  She has a full load of classes plus she is managing the after school program at the elementary school for her internship.  I am very proud of her working so hard to finish her degree.  I have been working in the early morning and then spending all day with my little buddy Eli.  I'll probably never have this much time with any of our future children, so I am trying to take full advantage of the time Eli and I have together.  It has been so wonderful!  He is nearly 13 months old now and so full of life, eager to learn, and   so dang cute!  I love my Eli Paul.   Here are some pictures from our recent adventure in Kelly Canyon.
 I carried Eli in the backpack for the majority of our hike but he insisted on walking some of the not so steep sections.  The trail isn't quite as smooth as the floor at home or the sidewalks in town, so Eli had a fun time adjusting to the bumpy terrain.

 The trail was quite dusty.  Eli loved stomping his feet and watching the cloud of dust appear.  He even stopped a couple times, squatted and patted the ground with his hands.  Mix that with the drool that is almost always coming out of his mouth and you get one dirty little boy.
I loved being in the mountains with Eli and wish time could just stand still for a little while.
 The view we enjoyed from the top!
 Getting ready to make a sweet move to the basket.
Playing ball in his pj's.
Eli is all about cars, or anything with wheels.  He loves going on walks around town and pointing and shouting at all of the passing cars. 
Eli is possibly the pickiest kid around, but he loves to eat broccoli!
And we have some awesome pictures from the birthday party last month, but they're on our other computer that is getting fixed right now, so a late birthday post is coming soon.