Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Who needs a Birthday BASH...

When you can have a BIRTHDAY BATH?! 

 The best thing about having a 1 year old? 
He's perfectly content doing whatever. 
But really, we do have a birthday party planned for this weekend.
Until then...
check out this happy birthday boy in his Birthday suit. :)

Friday, September 2, 2011


 Before I get to our awesome trip to Minnesota here is a picture of our buff little Eli guy.  He just loves to watch us mow the lawn, and he kept begging for a turn to try it out.  He pushed the mower through the grass. He is a strong little fella, probably going to be a linebacker some day.
 We had a splendid time visiting Kreg, Anna, Cecily, and Oliver Wagner in Minnesota.  Here we are visiting Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis. 

 Playing in the water

 Our awesome hosts Kreg and Anna.  They treated us well and we are grateful for their hospitality and sharing their cute kids with us for the week.

 Cecily and Eli got to meet the Blues Clue dog at the Mall of America!

Cecily jumped into this picture with some random kids, so I quickly snapped a picture too.  Ha ha!
Us at the Yankees/Twins game at Target Field. 

 Visiting the Scripture....no no Cecily it is the sculpture gardens.  She kept calling it the scripture gardens.  I like the big spoon and cherry.

 Best buddies playing doctor
Chillin' at the beach at one of the many many lakes in Minnesota.
We really had a great relaxing time hanging out in a new place.  Eli did get sick so we had to take him to the ER, but after a few days he was fine. Eli and Oli had a great time playing together.  I am excited to see them grow up together.