Monday, March 21, 2011

Eli meets a train

The railroad lies in our backyard, and a couple of times each day a train goes by.  I thought I would take Eli outside to get up close and personal, because little boys love trains, right?  Well, as you can see I was wrong... very wrong.  I haven't seen him more terrified.  He screamed louder than I've ever heard him scream and he cried.  I felt horrible.  Poor lil' guy.  Kimi came out to capture a cute father/son moment, but got this instead.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011


I can hardly believe Eli is 6 MONTHS OLD! My goodness, time has been flying! Some things about him:

-He's HUGE! We have his appointment this next week, so stats will be posted later. Last month we told our babysitter that he was 5 months, she flipped, becuase she thought that he was 8 or 9 months!(She doesn't speak English, and we don't speak Spanish... so we only talk about the basics things: how many dirty diapers, how long he slept, how much he drank, etc.)

-He has a long torso and short legs like his mama. He's wearing 9 mo. onsies, and 3-6 mo. pants. We got him a new toy last week, hoping that he'd love it as much as his cousin love his walker, but Eli's feet don't even TOUCH THE GROUND! haha

-He's SO smiley!
-He's so helpful. Somehow he knows when I need him to be content(homework needs to be done, dinner needs to be made, sanity needs to be kept intact, etc.). Here he is helping me bake cookies:
-He just cut his first tooth!
-He's starting to scoot. In random, unintentional directions.

-He is so easily entertained! He loves when we read books to him, tell him stories, or do anything completely ridiculous. 
He just started eating rice cereal this week. Here's how it went:
(His eyes are bloodshot from his bath. He constantly splashes water into them!)
First Taste...
Sat on his lips for .1876 seconds...
Then he wiped it off with his bib...
No thanks!
Thankfully, he's gotten better. I am absolutely smitten by my Eli! Happy 6 Months baby boy!