Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fathers and Sons

Eli and I went to Twin Bridges Campground for our ward's fathers and sons, and we had a blast!  Kimi thought I was pretty crazy to take Eli camping, but I've been wanting to give it a try.  Kimi was doubtful we'd make it through the night.  She bet we'd be home by 9pm.  I set out to prove her wrong, and have a good time.

Eli got a kick out of watching the dog chase rocks the kids were throwing, and he also loved throwing rocks into the water after the dog left.  Within ten minutes of arriving at the campground Eli was filthy from touching the rocks around the fire pit(there wasn't a fire just yet), and stomping around in the dirt.  He also sat somewhat in the river, got his bum wet and then sat down on the dusty ground. Silly boy.   
We went on a hike along the river, and we saw a moose!  It was really cool.  We followed it for a little while, but she'd never let us get too close.  Eli kept pointing at it and saying, "Moose! Moose!"  
And then it came time to go to bed.  That's where the fun stopped, for me anyway.  Eli had a great time crawling around the tent being super silly.  He didn't fall asleep until 11pm!  He didn't sleep well, so neither did I.  I gave up at 2am and we headed home.  Although we didn't make it through the night and I am glad we stayed five hours longer than Kimi bet we would.  I had a great time with my little man, and I look forward to our next camping trip.  We'll work on the sleeping part ;)  


  1. Our ward was trying to get Andrew to go out there with Kayson. One of the guys seemed like he had worked out a way to convince me one Sunday. As soon as I said, "Kayson doesn't take a bottle, and he still nurses several times a day," their argument was dead. lol. Maybe when KJ gets to be Eli's age, he won't be nursing 4-6 times a day still!