Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend

On Saturday I worked and on Sunday it rained all day, but Monday was really pretty so we decided to take a trip to Jackson Hole. This is one of the trips that we've had on our "Rexburg Bucket List," so this weekend was perfect! We started out in Jackson Hole, and walked around some of the shops, but there is only so much time you can spend in the little shops that sell the same little trinkets, so we only spent about 30 minutes before we took a little boat out across Jenny Lake.

 On the side of the lake that we got into the boat, it was sunny skies and warm weather, when we got on the other side of the lake, it was SNOWING/raining and SO muddy! I think if we would have known how muddy it would be, we would have planned something a little different, because poor Eli had to stay in the pack the whole time. The hike back was about 3 miles(because we took a little detour to hidden falls), and SO pretty! I would recommend this little trip to anybody and everybody planning on going to Jackson!
 After the boat ride, Eli insisted on throwing rocks. We had just put him in the backpack, so we just left him there... haha.
HE'S the one that pulls the bill of his hat down to cover half of his face. When he's walking around he can barely see... but he gets mad when we try to fix his hat. So we just let it be.

 Hidden Falls
 Craig and Eli in front of the Lake

 This moose was not even 25 feet away from us! Right before we got off the boat, the driver warned us of bears, so I kept my eyes peeled, but instead saw THIS! trust me.... equally scary! Even if it wasn't phased by us. Eli's reaction? "Mooooose! Mooooose!" 
About 20 minutes before we got to the car, Eli fell asleep in the pack. Good timing Eli. 
Although these pictures don't show it, Becca and Elle Mele came with us. It was so nice to have some friends to keep Eli company on the drive and to help us out in Jackson. Because Eli had his little power nap, he talked and talked and talked on the way home. Poor Elle was trying to sleep while Eli's little hands kept poking her face. OH dear. I couldn't help but laugh. Thanks for coming with us ladies!

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