Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Practice Honeymoon

Craig and I thought it would be fun to go camping for the memorial weekend to officially welcome summer and since Idaho has finally started to warm up, it would be the perfect weekend for an overnighter in the mountains. A little bit of backround: On Saturday one of the senior couples from Craig's mission came up from Pocatello and as we were telling them about our plans for the weekend, they said, "how about you go up and stay at our cabin up in Island park? It's not far from where you were planning to go in the first place." Craig and I liked the idea to say the least, despite their talk about bugs and clutter, so two days later we were on our way! Craig went to work Monday morning then came home and packed the car...

We were so excited when we got there, it looked like so much fun!

When we walked inside, we saw everything BUT bugs. My goodness, the place is 100 times nicer and BIGGER then our apartment. We were able to go bike riding, bbqing, and we were able to relax.

The cabin is located in a community right alongside Henry's Fork, a nice little river.
On our way home, we stopped by mesa falls. Too bad our camera died when we right when we were about to get a picture of both of us. This weekend was so much fun, we just wish we would've asked for more time off work...we look forward to the 7 week break when we get to go on our REAL honeymoon.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I feel so lucky and so blessed to have some beautiful women in my life, and want to wish them a very, very happy mother's day!

Fiiiirst and foremost, I want to wish a Happy mother's day to my lovely mother for all the time that she spent helping, talking and encouraging me. If I am even half the mother that she was to me to my kids, I will be a pretty dang good mom. :)
Then to my grandma Wagner and Grandma Baumgarten for teaching my parents to be kind and loving and for the way that they have spoiled and loved me...

(I really wish I had a picture of my Grandma Baumgarten on the computer...)

Last but not least, to my new mother-in-law who has been so kind and welccoming to me annd who hass raised Craig to be the guy that he is--nice, kind, serving, loving...:)

WE have been so blessed, thank you so much for all that you have done! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! We love you ladies so very, very much!