Sunday, July 22, 2012


After my class finished at the end of May, Eli and I met up with Anna and the kids and we drove out to California. It was so much fun!
The Drive:

The pool: 

(This is from the first day in the pool since last summer. Since this picture he has done SO much better. Now he'll put his face in the water, blow bubbles, get rings, kick, and do his swimming arms! Bummer I don't have a picture of him happy in the pool!)
 The entertainment:

Eli had a tough time adjusting to sharing ALL the time, but after about a week I think he realized that being with kids his age is more fun than not! Looking back I'm so grateful that we went and that I have these memories! Hopefully grandma and grandpa will let us come next year too. :))

Sunday, July 8, 2012


We took a trip to Tracey Aviary in Salt Lake City a couple of weeks ago (we have some catching up to do in the blog world--June has been a busy month!!).  We met my brother Spencer and his fiance Ashley there and had a great time.  We are so happy for them and excited for their wedding coming up later this month! Eli made the Aviary a lot of fun.  He got so excited seeing all of the different birds, and he loved feeding the baby ducks. 
 Posing for a picture inside a pelican's mouth.
 Eli just reading up on rare and precious birds.
 Family picture! 
After the picture we all took our heads out...except for little Eli...he got stuck!
 I couldn't help myself so I snapped this quick picture.  He was so scared that he'd be a bird forever.  Poor little guy.