Saturday, June 29, 2013


June 14th marked nine months. NINE months?! Our Owen is getting so old and so big and so...not a baby anymore. It's exciting and sad at the same time. With Eli I was just so excited for every stage to come: "I can't wait until he can feed himself"..."I can't wait until he can crawl, talk, walk!". But with Owen it's a little different. I find myself constantly thinking, "SLOW DOWN!"and trying my best to savor every little thing that he does.
At 9 months:
Weight:21lbs .5oz(71%)
Height:30inches(97%....yes. more than half my height.)
In the last little while I feel like he has changed so much. He is VERY mobile so when he gets focused on something nothing can get in his way. He is starting to get into anything and everything. His favorite room is the bathroom and his toy of choice is Eli's Lighting McQueen training toilet. He seems to have some sixth sense that lets him know when that bathroom door is open because it's not open often and when it is, he's in there!
Since Owen has become more mobile and more social, Eli is starting to pay more attention to him. They will play "hide and seek" around the living room. Owen will crawl after Eli, Eli will run, pause, wait for Owen to catch up, they both will squeal, repeat. It is the cutest thing. They usually will play until Owen gets distracted by a toy or worn out from working so hard to keep up! 

This past month, Owen decided that he no longer wants anything to do with a pacifier. I'm still not sure if I should be excited about it because I don't have to deal with weaning him off it later, or upset because using a pacifier used to be a quick, quiet fix if he was upset or restless... especially in church! Doesn't matter how I feel about it, he's done.

 And food. He loves his food. He's become very opinionated about what he eats and how he eats it. For example, if he's given peas or carrots, he screams until he swallows them or is given a piece of fruit to help them go down easier. He has yet to figure out that he can just spit food out when he doesn't like it...His fine motor skills have gotten a lot better in the last little while too. His movements aren't so random anymore. If he sees a piece of food that he likes, he will pick it up. This morning when Craig was feeding him yogurt, Owen wanted to take over. When Craig gave in, Owen had a hay day!

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