Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Happy four months, babyboy!

We went to the doctor's yesterday and here are his stats:
Weight: 16lb, 5 oz(66.10%)...Eli was 15lbs 8oz at his 4mo. checkup
Height: 26"(84.30% and the same as Eli at the same age!)
Head Circumference: 17.24"(96.08%)...Eli's HC was 17.3
At four months, he is still nursing and is a generally happy baby. He had his first plane ride in December and just slept. While we were in California, he had a couple solid 8hr stretches through the night, but since we've been back he hasn't been very consistent. He'll get up about once a night, eat, then go right back to sleep. He is starting to laugh, and is really smiley in the morning and in the late evening. He smiles the biggest for Eli and dad. He is starting to figure out how to grab and hold on to things. He is rolling over from his belly to his back and will roll halfway from his back to his belly then gets stuck. He is only interested in the "magic" pacifier and uses his hands to self-soothe. I think we might need to start putting a bib on him so his clothes don't get soaked(he DROOOOLS!). He is in 6-9mo. clothes and size 2 diapers. He rarely cries, so when he's uncomfortable he just moans and grunts. Eli is constantly asking, "What's Owen doing?" The other morning, I found Eli in Owen's carseat then a few minutes later I found him in Owen's bouncer:

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