Sunday, February 24, 2013


I feel like this has been a big month for our Owen. He is officially rolling over and can get from his belly to his back and back to belly...unless he's really frustrated or tired. In that case, he'll just stay on his belly until he gets help. He is super smiley and is quite the little ham, but once the camera comes out, he's stone-faced. At his four month appointment the doctor told us that we could start solids anytime because 1. he's big enough and 2. it might help him sleep through the night. With Eli I was very particular and didn't give him anything but formula or me until 6 mo., but we felt adventurous with Owie, so we started him on solids this month. He LOVES oatmeal! We haven't tried anything else yet, I'm not really ready to introduce him to anything else yet... maybe this next month.  He's offically done with the swaddle. I always am a little bummed to end the swaddle phase, because it shows that my babies are getting bigger. But it was getting a little ridiculous with Owen because he'd just grunt and grunt and grunt in the middle of the night until he was completely unswaddled, then he's fall back asleep. It makes nursing a little more challenging with his arms out of the swaddle, and all crazy, but overall it's been a smooth transition.

First time with Oatmeal...I think he got more on his belly than in  his belly.
Of course the one time that I DON'T have an extra outfit in the diaper bag or car,   we have a blowout. ha. I had to take a picture, because this same thing happened with Eli when he was about the same size. You'd think we'd have learned our lesson...doh .
He is getting so good with his muscle control. I went out to dinner with some friends a couple of nights ago and while I was gone, Craig gave him a bottle. He said that he held it by himself the whole time! Where is the time going?!

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