Monday, January 14, 2013

Free Tuesdays

If you know me, I LOVE Target. The prices, the clothes, jewelry, shoes, home decor, seasonal items, everything! And now I love them even more. They sponsor free days every month at different museums downtown. So we went to the Children's Museum Tuesday night and had so much fun!
Eli and dad watering the plants.
Crazy eyes, but I think Craig looks handsome.

We asked Eli to show Owen the stuffed animals....
...and this is what we got.

Eli Fishin'
Oh my those cheeks just get me every time!
 Our little firemen:


Eli loved being in the driver's seat!
Dad Eli playing the the kinetics section of the museum. He noticed my taking this picture just as it snapped. The look on his face makes me laugh.
And here they are playing together. :))
Waiting in line to buy groceries.
Loading the groceries on the belt. Check out the expression on the girl's face behind him. Ha, he insisted on loading each item one by one WITHOUT help.

And last, but definitely not least... the trains. If you ask Eli what he remembers about the museum, he'll say that the "loves" the trains. Even looking at these pictures, the only one that he really got excited about was this one. haha. Silly boy.

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