Friday, January 7, 2011

What a year!

Before I get all mushy and reflective, here are pictures of our cute ELi at FOUR, yes, FOUR months!

 My cute husband wrapped my present, like so. :))

Today is my birthday, so I thought it woud be appropriate to look back on this past year. :) 2010 has been a year to remember! There are so many things that have made my 21st year memorable. Overall, this past year has been one filled with lots of tears, sleepless nightslaughs, memories, love, family, blessings, prayers, friends, and miracles.

It's crazy to think that this time last year we didn't even know that we'd have a baby! But then again... there were a lot of things we weren't expecting.

This past year my testimony has grown. I know I have a Father in Heaven who is watching over me and my family members. The power of prayer is real. This year I have had the opportunity to really think about my life, the people in my life, and how much they mean to me. Although I'm not necessarily grateful for the hard things that I went through this year, I am so grateful for the lessons that I have learned as a result of them. I've been able to learn from my dad how gracious, strong, and kind we--as people--are capable of being despite our circumstances. The people around me--family members, neighbors, friends, ward members--have taught me how important we are to each other. I have seen how my parents have turned to the Lord without hesitation, and I have learned that I can be more like them. I have learned what it means to love a child of my own. This past year, I have learned to live with more gratitude.


  1. such a sweet post! I hope you had a happy birthday

  2. Great post!! Eli looks so cute on his quilt :)

    AND... your place is adorable!! I'm impressed!