Sunday, January 2, 2011


 A lot has happened the last couple of months and we haven't blogged one bit!  Here we have a four generation picture of Eli with his Father, GrandFather Fisher, and his Great GrandFather Fisher.  Eli was blessed in church on November 28.  We loved having both sides of the family gather in payson for the special event. 
 Eli Paul with his Aunt Kristina!  Kristina is getting married on the 22nd of April!  We are happy for her and her soon to be created cute family.
 Eli riding his beautiful rocking horse made by his Great GrandFather Baumgarten.
 We spend Christmas in California with the Wagner family and had a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying each others company.  We really enjoyed the little kids.  Oli and Eli in their matching pj's!  And Cecily!
 Kimi and I got to get away for the afternoon and visit the Oakland temple where we were married.  Thanks Aunt Paige for watching Eli!
 Our little Eli is nearly four months old and getting bigger everyday!  He recently has started to figure out how to use his hands.  Here he is hanging out in his bumbo playing with his new firetruck. That's a brief glanc at the past couple of months.  We'll try to update more frequently, but with both of us starting school on Wednesday I can't promise anything. :)


  1. we were sad not to be able to see you guys over break! Eli is so stinkin cute!

  2. We were so happy to be able to visit with you guys in Modesto and to finally meet Eli! He is adorable :)

    I look forward to hearing updates from Jacquie--I'm so excited for you guys to have a Wagner cousin up there with you!!

    We love you guys!!

  3. I can't believe how big Eli is! Boy does time fly eh? He sure is such a cutie! :)