Wednesday, January 26, 2011



The kick off for the Relay for Life event in Rexburg is Next Thursday. It just so happens that one year ago in February, my dad, was diagnosed with Stage Four colon cancer. He was told that the chances of him living more than a year were very slim. Really "next to zero" slim.

This year I have a lot to be grateful for. My dad, after lots of hospital visits, 11 rounds of chemo, two major surgeries, horrible migraines, and lots of faith, prayers and family fasts, is back at work with clean scans. We are, as my mom says, "cautiously optimistic."

To show my gratitude and raise awareness, I want to put together a team for my dad! The Relay for Life kick-off event is Thrusday, Feb. 3, 2011 at the new Marriot Hotel in Rexburg at 7:00. There will be a few speakers, entertainment, a service project and registration.

Here's to STANDING UP TO CANCER! (if a baby can do it, so can we!)
For more information about this event, check out this blog.

Anybody who has a dvd they are willing to donate, or childrens toys, I'll be more than happy to take them off your hands.


  1. I am going to try and find a team out here in Chicago - thanks for posting! I love my uncle Paul!! Also, that video is UNREAL - what a sturdy, sturdy little man!!

  2. omg eli! so cute! wish i could be there for u kimi! have fun! paul is always in my prayers!

  3. Oh I love this Kim! This brings back memories as Dave used to do this with Lindsey! Our other 2 never would do it. It's a rare talent, I think. haha. I think you'll love relay for life. My sister and I have put together a team the past several years and we always have a blast. Plus, it feels good to stand up to cancer! Good for you! (I hope it's okay that I peeked in on your blog from your fb link).