Friday, July 9, 2010

Family Reunion

I still have pictures to post from Alabama and the fourth of July, but they are home in Rexburg on Craig's computer, and I am here in Modesto... so for now here's a sneak peek of the pictures from the Wagner 2010 Reunion.
SUNDAY: We met baby Oliver for the first time on his blessing day. MONDAY: Drove to Island Park, and on the way stopped at Mesa Falls and 5-11 Main Pizzaria in Ashton(yumm!)
Tuesday: Yellowstoooonnneee!
(I'm getting more and more excited to have him be the father of my kids!...look how cute he is with baby Oliver.)

WEDNESDAY: Group Picture!Thursday and Friday: Drove home with our cute Cecily Marie.


  1. What a great bunch of pictures--and what a great time we had--boy we sure do think you scored on husbands--what a wonderful man!! We sure love Craig and you and are excited for baby Eli's arrival!! XOXO

  2. eeek! what fun and you are sooo cute pregnant! I love it. I wish we could have been there.

  3. you are the cutest prego girl EVER!! i miss you!!

  4. good, good times :)

    I can't wait to meet that cute lil' bun in your oven!! I know he's going to be adorable!

    I loved sharing a cabin with all of your family!! (even if you bailed for a better bed-lol) love you lots :)