Monday, July 12, 2010


Back in the June we took some time off for a little family vacation in Mobile, Alabama to support Paige Nicole Wagner. She did such a great job at the national America's Junior Miss competition. Go Paige. We really had a great time watching and cheering for her and seeing a area of the country neither of us had ever been too. The heat and humidity was a bit unbareable, thank goodness for airconditioning! Our trip started out in New Orleans, Lousianna! Eating beignets at Cafe Du Monde with Uncle Mike and Aunt Cathy. They are waaaaayy yummy!
Good thing we don't eat them everyday!We checked out the dirty Mississippi River in downtown New Orleans. We stuck out feet in to cool down, then Kimi slipped and nearly fell all the way in! I grabed her arm and pulled her up saving her life...well saving her from getting completly soaked. :) We visited the Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis King of France too!We walked all around the French Quater and checked out the cool architecture and history of New Orleans, it was great!We then headed through Mississipi to the great state of Alabama. Here we are on the Gulf of Mexico on Dauphin Island.

We visited the USS Alabama in Mobile Bay. It was used during World War 2. It was very interesting and make us more grateful for those honorable men that served for our freedom.

Mark and Mallory trying to get comfortable on a cot aboard the battleship

She is soooo cute! Checking out the periscope on a submarineVisiting Paige after a night at the AMJ(now Distinguished Young Women of America) competition.


  1. What great pictures you guys!! You look sooo cute Kimmi and Craig and I can laugh just remembering how you almost took a swim in the water!! It was so close!! We love you guys! And yes--Go Paige!

  2. look how cute and pregnant you are!! when is your baby due?!!!