Sunday, May 9, 2010

My mama.

When my mom upgraded to a new phone, my sister and I kindly set all of her ring tones for her. Which song did we deem most appropriate for her calls, text messages, and voicemails? The one and only "I got it from my mama," by Will.I.Am. Why? Because this lady here......has so many positive qualities and attributes that I hope to inherit when I become a mother. (regardless of what the song says in the verses... we liked the chorus) Chances are(fingers crossed), I will become the same kind of mother to my kids as she was to Kreg, Mark, Paige and I. I hope one day when someone will ask for suggestions on how to teach and discipline their children, just as young mothers have asked my mom... I'll be able to say, "I got it from my mama."
I remember she didn't know how to adjust the volume or noise, so in the middle of church(sacrament meeting), her phone went off.
Not only was I blessed with such a great mom, I have been so lucky to have a patient and loving mother-in-law who has accepted me with open arms into her family.
(Not the best picture of the two of was bright outside.)Aaaaand, I have been so lucky to have such great grandma's, aunts, cousins, sisters, and sister-in-laws that each have "copy-worthy" qualities. Thanks so much for the beautiful examples that you've set for me.



  1. you do have an awesome mom! I love her strength and calm, sweet spirit.

  2. And Happy Mother's Day to you my sweet niece- I have always loved your sweet and tender nature--you do have a wonderful wonderful Mom!

  3. I loved it! You are sooo sweet. What a kind and thoughtful Mother's Day gift. I'm so glad we get to travel through this life together! Oh...I went shopping today! It was wonderful shopping for my grandSON! I finally found some things that were cute enough to buy! My little collection is definitely growing.