Sunday, May 2, 2010


We started out this year so strong with blog updates...then I'm not sure what happened. So here it is, a short update on some of the things that I've meant to blog about, but haven't, include:
Mark and MAllory's wedding!
Everything was beautiful, and the sealing was so sweet. Each time I spend time with them, I know how great they really are for each other.
MOM'S BIRHTDAY! (April 15)
Our 1st Anniversary!...and week long vacation over the break.
We spent our week in Moab, starting my first quilt for the baby in Payson, going to the last Jazz game(of the regular season), spending time with family, and enjoying a break from school and work!
Finding out the GENDER of our baby. :))
We have a healthy(as far as they could tell) baby boy coming our way! I think we both kind of felt like the baby was going to be a boy, so we were delighted to see that our instincts were correct. We have yet to get anything for the baby, but that will come soon. We are excited that he will be so close to baby Oliver. I have a feeling they are already pretty good friends up in Heaven.
Work--Life at the grocery store can get pretty interesting.
Craig's Dad's Birthday!
Pregnancy, and pictures of my growing belly.
People are starting to say things to me, quite amusing really..."Whoa, KIMi! I didn't know you were pregnant, you're huuuuge!" Already people think I'm huge. really? greeeat.
We left Craig's camera in Utah at his parent's house a couple of weeks ago, so we don't have any pictures right now. Eventually I'll post them. I diiiid find my camera charger today, so expect/hope to see some pictures soon.

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  1. Hey Kimmi and Craig! We love to hear of your adventures--happy happy baby and with that tiny body of yours--there is no place at all to hide a baby!!XOXO