Sunday, July 7, 2013

Evergreen lake

Yesterday we took a day trip to a little lake up in Evergreen, CO. It's a little town about 40 minutes away. Craig suggested that we go up and walk around the lake and maybe rent a paddle boat. Lucky for us, I found a deal on livingsocial that gave us more time on a boat for a great deal! We got there early and walked around the lake so that the weather could warm up. Like any other hike with Eli, we took a few detours to load up his dump truck, throw rocks, and wade in the river.

 After our walk around the lake(which took quite a bit of time) we had a little picnic lunch then we were ready to go! We decided that a canoe would be the easiest boat to get so that Owen could sit at the bottom or crawl around a little. The space was great and Eli was so excited to ride in the boat. We had the boat rented for an hour, but only lasted for about a 1/2 an hour because it started POURING rain. At first it was fun...then it got really, really cold. Even so, Craig and I couldn't help but laugh. Eli was singing songs about rain, and Owen was screaming. I may or may not have started panicking when I saw lightning in the distance....So we quickly(as quickly as we could) paddled back to shore. By the time we got back, we were SOAKED.

Notice the sunny sky?


  1. Your pictures are so cute! And your boys are getting SO big!! :) This looks like a ton of fun!

  2. Looks like a blast! reminded me of when we went canoeing, minus the rainstorm! Fun times!