Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Accidents happen, right??!

On Sunday while we were rushing around trying to get ready for church, we had a little...incident. We had just finished bathing the boys and while I was dressing Eli, Craig was cleaning the tub and bathroom while simultaneously trying to keep an eye on Owen. Have I already mentioned how Owen is into everything? Well, he is. Stairs, cupboards(see picture below), toilet brushes, paper, picture frames...you name it. Anything but his toys. So as Craig was cleaning the bathroom, Owen decided that he wanted to play in the bath water on the ground in his Sunday clothes. Craig wasn't going to have that because he wasn't about to redress him(the boy is SO hard to dress!), so he set Owen back in the boys' bedroom and continued cleaning as I continued helping Eli get ready. Not even a minute later we heard a huge scream. The kind of scream that made my stomach drop and got my adrenaline pumping. At first I thought Owen had wandered to the stairs and fallen down them. Then I realized that I had unplugged the iron and left it on the floor to cool. It had fallen on top of his little hand and he wasn't happy about it. The whole top layer of skin was gone and Craig and I, through tears in each of our eyes tried to comfort Owie as best we could. We rinsed it under cold water, put a big glob of ointment on the burn and wrapped it so he would stop touching it. We figured there wasn't much more than we had already done to help him and since it was a Sunday our pediatrician's office was closed so we decided to just go to church and take him to the E.R if he got too fussy. He is one tough little guy. No one would have known that something happened to him if his little hand wasn't wrapped because he was just his happy little self! The burn is pretty superficial, but we decided to call the doctor anyways just so he could have it on record that 1. we went in and 2. if it gets infected that he didn't chastise us for not bringing him in sooner. The doctor was really surprised that Owen was acting as happy as he was because he said that the burn looked pretty painful. He prescribed Lora-tab(which surprised me, just because Owen seemed like the burn really hasn't been bothering him until we change the dressings) for pain management for dressing changes and told us to wash with soap and water and just apply Vaseline.

This picture doesn't do the burn justice, but it was the best I could get. Hopefully Owen will look back at this and say something like, "Wow, I can't believe that this tiny little scar came from such a sick wound...thanks for making sure my scar wasn't too bad!" Thankfully he's a boy and one day it will be cool to compare scars and horror stories.

 I know accidents happen and we're bound to have a million more happen, but it stinks knowing that there was something that we could've done differently. Lesson learned? Mother's of one be warned...once you have two it gets much harder to watch them both simultaneously!

p.s. The whole time I was writing this post, and trying to figure out what to write for its title, the song "burn, baby burn" kept running through my head. Thankfully my better judgment won out... Although I'm not sure if mentioning what I was thinking is any better...

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