Friday, August 26, 2011

My sweet Eli

I have been so bad about tracking Eli's progress/milestones over the past year. 
Lots of people told me to be careful about how many pictures I take, journal entries I write or blogposts I do because it will set a precedent for my other kids. 
If I do less documentating with the next kids than I do with Eli... uh oh. 
I don't want to forget some of the little things that he does that I LOVE... so here's a chuck-full post of some of my favorite pictures from the past couple of months. (California pictures will come tomorrow and Minnesota the day after that. promise. :))
 He'll sleep anywhere. Craig and I decided to hike R mountain one day and it wore us all out!
 He's allllll boy.
 I love his smile, but the face that he gets when he is concentrating melts my heart too.

 He loves hanging out with dad.
 ...and helping me with laundry.

 When he rides his rocking horse, he makes the cutest little tongue clicking sound.
He is our little helper!

and a picture from his one-year shoot taken in Minnesota. LOVE him!

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  1. who is that little man at the end of your post it can't be Eli! He is growing up so fast!