Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Soccer Game

A few weeks ago, we went with our neighbors, the Earls down to Salt Lake for a Real soccer game. We left Friday afternoon and drove to Milad to their cabin. In the living room there were all sorts of fun toys for kids... and Eli loved the mechanical horse!
And a few pictures from the game...

 When we checked the weather, there was a 60% chance of rain and it was supposed to be pretty cold, so we dressed Eli accordingly. Once we got there, we didn't see a single cloud. Eli started the game with socks, shoes, pants, a jacket, a plain onsie under the "soccer" onsie, and a hat and left the game wearing LOTS of sunscreen, his hat, a plain onsie and his diaper. It was nice to have been surprised by WARM weather for once!

Soccer games aren't as mellow as baseball games, the fans were crazy! Actually, that soccer ball in the picture was given to the section of the stadium with the 'most energetic fans'.Poor Eli had the same reaction to the screaming fans as he did the train, but by the end of it we all got used to it.

Thanks to the Earls for coming with us!

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