Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On the move!

When in Utah, Eli started army crawling and less than a week later he was using his legs. It's been so fun watching him learn and grow. It still takes me by surprise when I walk into a room after getting a drink of water or doing dishes in the kitchen to find Eli getting into anything and everything within his little reach.

Even if the living room is completely clean, he looks for obstacles. 
 I have LOVED being off track this semester. I swear there isn't anything better than being able to be home with my baby. But, at times it gets a little lonely... soooooo we have play dates when the weather is nice. :)
 Carter, Eli and Alora... aren't they so cute?!


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  1. SO cute! He is SO big! I can't believe it! So adorable! Hope you are getting plenty of sunshine! Rexburg summers are the best!