Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Fun!

I can't wait until Kimi and I can get a SUV or something with four wheel drive! Our little car had some trouble getting back to the main road after sledding, but we have good friends, so we made it out just fine. Thanks guys!
Some of my buddies built this sweet sled out of a plastic pallet and some skiis they found at the D.I.. Here we are using it as a wind block at the top of the hill. We took turns riding down a long steep hill. It was a blast! On the last run four of us piled onto it and we went down the hill. It was crazy, and I was on the bottom so I got a little squished when we hit some bumps, but we all survived and I am excited to go again some time!

Kimi and I keeping warm by the fire out in the desert near a sweet sledding hill. We had a great time with our friends hanging out outside.

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