Sunday, January 31, 2010

Catch up!

We started our new callings as primary teachers today! Thosse young kids are such angles....well kinda. We had an interesting learning experience trying to teach them. One thing I definintly learned is that Kimi is great with kids and she'll make a great mom someday!
Elder Russell M. Nelso, an apostle, came to BYU-I this week and spoke to the student body. Kimi and I went and afterwards had the privilage of shaking his hand and talking to him for a little bit. it was a neat experience. There is a great spirit about that man, he really is an apostle!

This picture dosen't really show it, but Kimi walked to school with slightly damp hair, and some of here hair froze and turned white! She looked like an old lady with white hair. it was cool.

We got behind in our picture a day thingy, so we are trying to do better! A couple mornings ago we woke up to a crsip foggy day. When the fog cleared we saw a beautiful sight, all of the tree branches we're covered in a thin layer of white ice/snow. It made everything so pretty! This is a tree on campus.


  1. I am excited that you guys are teaching nursery! You will have to share funny stories that happen!

  2. Im not so sure about the white hair thing and how Kimmi looked cool--I bet she looked cold!!HAHAHAHA! Oh sorry! Pretty pictures! Sounds like you guys are serving well in your ward-that can only bring happiness!!!!X O