Saturday, October 26, 2013

Summer Utah Trip

A week after Kristina and Reagan came to stay, we drove out to Utah so we could see everyone. We stayed for a week, and were able to spend time with both of our families. We spent the first half of our trip with Craig's parents and family in Payson, then stayed the second half of the trip with Kreg and Anna.
At the Grotto. One of the only pictures we have as a whole family!

Crossing the one of the many bridges to the grotto. This is one of our favorite hikes when we go to Payson. I think we've been up there 5 times? ha, we love it!
I can't ever get a clear picture of these two, but they are so cute and so happy!

Eli and Oli playing "catch" with a car at the splash pad.
Taking a rest at on the hike that we took up the canyon.
My boys. :))
 After every trip to Utah, we inevitably have the same conversation that often starts with, "Why aren't we living in Utah, both of our families are there! When we're here, we love it and have so much fun!" Maybe someday...

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