Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Life Recently

April-May 2013
We unfortunately had some camera trouble and lost a month or so worth of pictures.  Uncle Mark kindly loaned us his camera, so not too much time has elapsed without some pictures to show.  Thanks Mark!

A little update on our little, actually big baby Owen!  Owen has changed a lot in recent weeks and he is getting so big.  He is now sitting up, crawling (well mostly army crawling), going from crawling to sitting, and very curious about the world around him.  Owen always wants to be playing with something, especially with whatever Eli is playing with.  Eli is learning to share, but it isn't his favorite thing to do.  Owen doesn't like to sit still, and as you can see he has picked up reading!

Isn't he cute? We sure think the world of him and we are happy he is here. 

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