Friday, September 7, 2012


My goodness, we've had quite the eventful summer! California Vacation, Wagner Family Reunion, GRADUATION, and a move to Colorado. Now that we're settled, here are some pictures from our last few weeks in Colorado: 
 We made the big transition to a Big boy bed... and he did great! We did our best to be super positive about this change and how fun it would be to sleep in a different bed, so he went to bed just like normal. His door doesn't shut very well so we leave it cracked open. He doesn't ever get out of his bed until morning or after he's done with his nap. The first morning I woke up to his face two inches from mine saying, "Hi Mommy."
 One of our favorite things about being in Denver? Being able to go to sporting events! As an anniversary present to Craig, I got him Rockies/Giants tickets for the game on August 4. We are excited that the University is having a promotion and giving $5 tickets for the Rockies came this Wednesday(CRAIG'S Birthday!)... who are they playing? THE GIANTS!
 Moving to a new place comes with redecorating! When we moved we got ride of our old dining room chairs and table because they were falling apart. Here's a little preview of the new ones!

 There is so much more to do here! Craig has been taking Eli out on Adventures("abbeen-chhhurrs") each Saturday to give me a break. Here are a few pictures from some of the things that they have done:
Lots of bike rides to the parks. There are bike paths EVERYWHERE here!(I will probably enjoy them a lot more next summer)

 Hikes... the mountains are so close!
For being a student, Craig gets a sweet deal with the transportation department, and gets to ride the trains and buses for CHEAP...and Eli rides for free, so we go on lots of train rides.

 Paddle-boating in downtown Denver. Craig called me while out on the lake/pond and told me that he was having fun paddling, even if Eli wasn't really helping....

 Every first Saturday of the month, the Art Museum downtown has free days, so here we are taking advantage of that sweet deal!

I was really excited about moving, but really nervous at the same time. I LOVED Rexburg, and always will. There is something really comfortable about a small college town with lots of people in the same stage of life. I was afraid about moving and being some 7 months pregnant. But it all worked out. We have felt so welcomed and loved already, and there is so much to do here! We have felt guided to move here, and have really loved it so far. Ask me in a month or so when I have a toddler, a new baby, all my help(mom and in-laws) has come and gone and Craig is back to his regular schedule how I like living somewhere new... the answer may change, but for now I'll bask in happiness of being somewhere new!


  1. Sounds like Colorado is great so far! Love the pics! Can't wait to see your new baby!

  2. so excited for your new adventure! I would love to visit colorado some day!