Sunday, July 8, 2012


We took a trip to Tracey Aviary in Salt Lake City a couple of weeks ago (we have some catching up to do in the blog world--June has been a busy month!!).  We met my brother Spencer and his fiance Ashley there and had a great time.  We are so happy for them and excited for their wedding coming up later this month! Eli made the Aviary a lot of fun.  He got so excited seeing all of the different birds, and he loved feeding the baby ducks. 
 Posing for a picture inside a pelican's mouth.
 Eli just reading up on rare and precious birds.
 Family picture! 
After the picture we all took our heads out...except for little Eli...he got stuck!
 I couldn't help myself so I snapped this quick picture.  He was so scared that he'd be a bird forever.  Poor little guy.  

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