Saturday, September 25, 2010

Birthday Bash

When my mom was here, Mark, Mallory, and Paige decided last minute to come up to visit. Craig's Birthday was on the 12th, so my mom made brownies and ice cream to have before they all left. Here are a few of pictures for your enjoyment...

Check out Eli's facial expression. I'd suggest clicking on it to make it bigger(simply so you can see the cute little double chin and his wrinkly forehead as a result of all that smoke!) More pictures to come from the visit with Eli's Aunts and Uncle. :))


  1. Happy Birthday Craig-daddy!! I hope that all the smoke didn't do too much damage--you'll need to remember to put a little mask on Eli next birthday!! Craig you must be old--look at all those candles! Ha! We love yous!!!!

  2. happy birthday! i love all the smoke- what an old man to have that many candles :)