Friday, November 6, 2009

I confess...

I have a very Unhealthy addiction to craft blogs and HGTV. If only we had more wall space...
good thing we just signed a contract
to a much
Bigger apartment
so I can take advantage of all the projects that I've been putting off.
my goodness, I have so much to look forward to!
Here's to signing a new contract, getting registered for classes(in my new major!), a great husband, seeing family next month, a new baby niece or nephew, and FRIDAY!
Have yourself a very, very good weekend.


  1. What's the new major??? I can't wait to see pictures of all your projects :)

  2. What is with the posting every three months? I want more lady!! I can wait to see you guys in a little over a month and a half!!! love you

  3. Ditto~glad to know that you both are alive and kicking!! I miss seeing and reading about you!! We love you and it will be fun to see you both!

  4. Cute blog Kimi =) I just started like 2 weeks ago!