Sunday, March 15, 2009

His Story

Looking into the summer of 2008 my mind was full of a lot of uncertainties, but one thing was for sure: I felt good about moving to California to work for my cousin. I had no idea why it was where I was supposed to be, but it felt right, so my older brother, Spencer, and I packed up our things and headed west towards sunny California. I fell in love with the countryside of the central California right away. I knew, then, that this was going to be a great summer.
That first Sunday Spencer and I headed to the Fine Road Chapel in Modesto to attend singles ward. I remember walking into the chapel without a clue where to sit. I didn’t know anybody, but with some hesitation I sat down. I introduced myself to the girl next to me; her name was Becca Mele. She was friendly, and made me feel at home. Becca quickly introduced me to the girl next to her. I looked over and our eyes met for a brief second. I said, “Hi, my name is Craig.” She replied quickly, “Hey, I’m Kimi.” Then Sacrament meeting started and our conversation ended. Within thirty seconds I took another glance; that was followed shortly by a third, and a forth glance. There was something special about this Kimi girl.

The singles ward put on a dinner following church. Once again I had no clue where to sit, but to my surprise I vacant spot was available right across from Becca, and Kimi. I now, have no doubt a guiding hand led me to sit across from them. We ate, laughed, and then Kimi and I exchanged phone numbers. Kimi and I talked on the phone that night, then the next night, and the next and well, we’ve been talking ever since.

Looking back, now ten months later from when we met, I can’t help but smile in gratitude towards a loving Heavenly Father, who took the time to guide the lives of Kimi, and me, in paths that would one day cross. I love Kimberly Anne Wagner so, so very much. My love for her grows each and everyday. She really brightens up my life and I am truly happy being with her. The past ten months have been full of laughs, lots of fun, some struggles, and an awesome beginning to eternity.

Halloween 2008: We had such an incredible time dressing up as an old couple, ha! I will never forget hearing Kimi say, “Ohhh dear, I’ll be down in jus’ a sec, honey”, as she slowly made her way downstairs. She really looked like a cute old, little lady. I really loved grossing people out at the school dance as when we gave each other a kiss. Hahaha. I really enjoyed slow dancing with Kimi…on every song. It was fun to pretend to be old, and it was a good sneak peak of things to come.

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  1. aawwww!! Thank you guys for posting your thoughts and your story. Reading it made me just more and more excited for the upcoming big day! It will be awesome and we are so excited to be there. We love you!

    ~Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy